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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

​90 Min Teeth Whitening Session


This Session is split into 3 parts, the whitening stops after 20 - 25 min due to this we have to redo the whitening. Instead of having your it for 90 min in one session we will break it up so we get the best results for your teeth without getting your teeth super sensitive.

What to expect?

People with healthy teeth and gums that have stains and or a yellow tint have the best results. You might feel light sensitivity but no discomfort. Your gums and teeth maybe sensitive for a short period of time. All teeth whiten differently. White spots may appear right after whitening but will disappear within 24 hours. Teeth Whitening will not whiten or damage Veneers, crowns or false teeth. 

Laser Teeth Whitening

  • The use of Blue light

  • 16% Hydrogen peroxide is used

  • Hydrogen Peroxide steals electrons that holds darker pigments together to fall apart and become lighter

  • Takes 20 - 25 min