Congratulations Bride and Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I am super excited about your wedding day and would love to make your day easier for you! If you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know! I can't wait to hear from you.

Bridal Makeup Trial 
1-2 hours | $125

*At my studio in Tacoma*

  • ​Free Consultation over the phone 

  • Long wear traditional Bridal Makeup

  • All Trials will be held at my studio in Tacoma


    Bridal Makeup 
1 hour - 1.5 | $180

 On the day of your wedding, I will arrive 20 minutes prior to set up and be ready for the first scheduled appointment to beautify you and your bridal party!

(Bridal Hair available if asked price varies)

  • On-site services. I travel to you!

  • (Base Rate Travel fee starts at $25 after that its $1.50/per mile) 

  • Long wear traditional Bridal Makeup, eye gels for skin prep and your choice of strip lashes.

  • Communication until your big day and help planning

  • Touch up kit which includes set of brushes, beauty blender, oil blotting paper and a mini lip color.

- Bridal Upgrades-

Individual lashes day of
$30 add on

Don't like strip lashes and the way they feel or have never had lashes on before? Individual lashes are perfect for my natural brides and my brides that cry. I love Individual lashes because they are super light and are on for only that day.
( This IS NOT lash extensions)

Touch Up's/Second look
$100 per hour, per Artist

Want touch ups through out your wedding or a more dramatic look for the reception? My per hour rate   starts when i finish the last service until the time i leave.

Full lip product


Bridal Party Makeup

$125 per person per service | 40 - 45 Minutes

I do 15 - 20 minutes of touch ups for each member of the bridal party, after everyone is completed and right before you all have to leave. So anyone first can rest assure their makeup will be still fresh!
(Bridal Party Hair available if asked, same price as makeup)


Light undetectable makeup, to color correct or hide any blemishes to make the groom camera ready for all your special pictures.


Can I make changes to my booking after I reserve my date?

Yes, you can always add on additional services if the timeline allows but you cannot remove any. If the location needs to be changed that's fine I will requite you for travel.

How long do you allow for services day of the wedding?

For Brides I set aside 1 hour, for the bridal party/guests I put aside 40 min per service.

Do you have a minimum service requirement?

No, I do not have a minimum.

Can I book a trial before securing my date?

Yes, but this does not secure your wedding date. To secure your date you need a signed contract paid retainer.

Where will my trial be held?

At my studio in Tacoma.

How long does a trial take? 

Trials typically take 1.5 - 2 hours 

Is Tax included ?

Tax is added to the proposal


Parking, Tolls & Fee's

Parking, Valet or any other fees involving parking, the client will be responsible for this payment and to be paid on the day of the event.

Early Morning Fee

For ANY service requiring an arrival time before 7 AM there will be a $50 fee. Arrival time before 5:30 AM will need overnight accommodations.

Extra Artist Fee $150

If the wedding party is 6 or more services an extra artist will be needed or if the given time is not enough for one artist to get all services done. ( If you have any questions please email me)

Retainers & Contracts

A signed contract and retainer is required to secure your wedding date for services. The retainer fee is 50% of the contracts balance of all services. The total amount for the trial run if it apply's will be due the day of the trial. The retainer is non - refundable and non - transferable. The retainer will be deducted from the total amount due. 

Travel fees

Base Rate Travel fee starts at $25 and can be more depending on your location, per mile/$1.50.