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Your appointment day.

You will receive a reminder about your upcoming appointment. Please be prepared to ensure you will be on time and ready.

Address : 5424 S Puget Sound Ave,

Tacoma WA 98409

Text 253-778-5792



Please park in the far right parking lot. Text me once you have parked and please wait in your vehicle until I message you back to come up.


Studio Entrance


The Lodges entrance is to the left of the building once I message you to come up please go straight to the door, once there message back saying "Here" and I will buzz you in. You will have 10 seconds to open the door once the Lock turns green.


My Studio Suite

Once buzzed in walk up the stairs then take a right you will then past the common area to the right. Turn left down the hallway and my door is #6 on the right, my door will be open for you. There are bathrooms further down so if needed please use the bathroom before your appointment.

Please arrive early

Plan to arrive 10 - 15 min early to your appointment. There is a 10 min grace period.

No show & Late Policy

After 10 minutes you're considered Late. After 15 minutes your appointment will be cancelled due to other clients and you will need to reschedule.

- Late Fee $15

- Cancellation fee is the non refundable deposit. 

- No Call / No show you will be responsible for the full amount of the service.


All services have tax added.
Bring Cash to avoid any extra fees. Zelle also is another form of payment that doesn't have extra fees.

What to Bring?

Makeup & Hair

For Makeup trials please wear the color closest to your wedding dress and bring any accessories you will be wearing.

For special event makeup and hair please wear a shirt that's easy to pull over your head or a button up so it doesn't mess up any of the look afterward.

Please have any inspiration pictures ready that you may have. If your not sure what your wanting please take a look at either my website or Instagram to get some inspiration.

Teeth Whitening

Please come with freshly brushed teeth, come in with a solid dark colored shirt this makes pictures pop and your teeth pop even more! No need to bring anything else.


For Brows please wear black this helps if there's any ink mishaps. For pictures after the service for social media most clients like having their hair and some makeup on so please keep this in mind. You can have a silent appointment if wanted, please bring your AirPods if this is a type of service you want.

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