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 PMU Brow Services

Katy Marie Artistry

Taught by the best, Luxe Lab Seattle and Collection By Janis. I now offer Hybrid and Ombre PMU brows to my clients.
Also did an Advance class with Brows by Cece in Seattle.

Hybrid Brow
$450 + Tax 

This is manual micro-bladed hair-strokes combined with machine shading towards the end of the brow for a dramatic look and long lasting results. Micro-blading can only be added to the front of the brow leading into the body of the brow. This Technique mimics the look of a brow that you would achieve when you use a powder or pencil.Best suited for clients with more Oily skin, but good for all skin types as well.

Hybrid brows

Ombre Brow
$450 + Tax


This technique is a powder effect you would achieve with makeup. It offers a more defined appearance as the pigment is applied using only machine. It adds depth and definition and results in a more makeup look. Ombre brows can be as natural or dramatic as desired.These brows heal best on most skin types including oily skin, this technique lasts longer than micro-blading and requires less up keep.

Ombre brows

Revised Brows
$500+ Tax

Yes I do cover ups! Do you have eyebrow micro blading that needs to be fixed? Please feel free to reach out to me to see if you would be a good candidate of Revised Brows. You will need to send me a picture of your brows with no makeup on.

Brow revision one
Brow Revision two
Brow Revision 3

Perfecting Session

I do ask that my clients schedule their touch ups as soon as you leave your initial appointment. It should be booked 6 - 8 weeks out. Brows is a process the first session is to get the outline and see how well your skin reacts. From there we do your second session which is the perfection session where we can add density, saturation  and color if needed.

Touch up 6 - 8 weeks ($100)
Touch up 11 - 15 weeks ($150)
Touch up 6 Months ($200)
Touch up 12 Months ($250)
Plus Tax


Brow Lamination & Tint

$80 ( Plus Tax )
Brushed up , Fluffy "Soap Brows". A semi - permanent treatment For your Brows to give them a more fuller look. Great for any time of brow no matter the amount of hair! Tinting is included  to achieve the best outcome.
( This service is not the same as PMU brows)
Results may last 6 - 8 weeks for lamination and 4 - 6 weeks for the tint.

Brow Lamination Only
Includes shaping
$50 ( Plus Tax )


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